Trends in 2020 after coronavirus

What does the future look like after the Corona threat gets over? 10 things that come to my mind.

  1. Need for high-speed internet will grow, 5G will rule the market, it was already the next big thing, but this will push it further, US will try to curb Chinese influence in this sector, but with tech sharing and Patents, the Chinese companies are going to grow in this space.
  2. Correlated with the first, home-based, video-based and device identified transactions are going to increase, you would have heard of IoT, now be ready to be monitored, tutored and even helped using remote services, the US will see this rise as many people will invest more in home-based working tools. Online and distance university is already a thing but is ready for fully online K12 homeschooled education, public funding in schools and infrastructure will see a change, sadly our children in this generation could be the last that experienced school by being with people in person, it’s going to change and that is the saddest part.
  3. Social media will not just be social it will burst up with content, it will be curated by feeds and every action will be tracked for actionable insights, don’t be surprised if big news channels are acquired by Social Media companies.
  4. The government will monitor you, the extent will depend on where you live, but you will be monitored.
  5. E-commerce will boom, Amazon showed how to profit in these times and it will continue, Govt will not bail out small business, middle income and lower-income will be talked to in speeches and no one will give them anything, the big business bailout is on the way.
  6. There will be a bailout for Big Corporations, airlines, transport, hotel, the bigger the lobby more would be the cake. You and I can take $1000 and shut up, Republicans and Democrats will debate and enact their drama but the result would be the same, more money for the Corporates, less for small business and almost nothing for families.
  7. Recession is round the corner, we were having too good of a time, and it will catch up, but by 6 months we should recover as this is not due to bad fundamentals, there will be a spurt in activities.
  8. World leaders will not care about the environment or global warming, they never did, if you believed them then get yourself tested.
  9. Chinese dominance will be questioned but their share of power will keep increasing unless the US really steps up and takes ownership, which looks unlikely in the current state of affairs.
  10. Some form of Socialized medicine and pharma could be started in the US. More and more people will question the taxes as they use lesser and lesser of state services, maybe this could be the beginning of something different.
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Suraj Arukil
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